Prices for Spiritual Healing - Maidstone Kent


£35.00 per single session.

(Depending on why you are seeking Healing, it is advisable, but not compulsory, to have more than one session).

  • Please allow 45 mins to an hour for appointment to make time for before and after chat.  Consultation forms will need to be completed at first session.
  • The actual Healing can take 20 to 30 minutes, depending on client and their needs – I do not time Healing.
  • See my short video to understand what a Healing session from me involves.
  • I will have relaxing music playing, incense and candles burning.
  • The Healing session will be explained to you before beginning to make sure you’re happy. I can work with hands on or off the body, depending on what you feel comfortable with.

If you are unable to travel for any reason, I am more than happy to visit you in your own home, within reasonable travelling distance.  If being seated is difficult for you, I will adapt, whether it’s sitting in a more comfortable chair, seated on your sofa or lying down.

Please contact me to arrange your spiritual healing in Maidstone, Kent.

Fully Insured

Accredited Healer Practitioner

I love what I do

DBS Checked