Online Healing

Due to the current lockdown restrictions, obviously I have not been able to give Healing in person.  A couple of clients have requested online Healing.  This is totally possible and many other Healers have been doing this for a while.  It will be just as effective as we are still holding space together to exchange energy.  You do not have to be in the same room for Healing to work.


You will need to have “Zoom” to participate, which is free to download to your computer or phone.  Before the Healing appointment I will send you a link to join the session.


My charge for on-line Healing will be £25.00 as an introductory price.  Please allow an hour, so that we can chat before and afterwards.  You will have the option to take yourself off video if you prefer when the actual Healing begins.


I will use my light language which is extremely Healing, but I feel is also particularly important online, so that you can really feel the connection.  Light language is a soul language, channelled from my Higher Self, to reach you on a deeper level.  


If you are interested in booking an appointment online, please email or message me and I will send you a link for my calendar with payment details.
Thank you …. Jo x