💚Healing is a wonderful, safe, non-invasive complementary therapy.  I know you hear this from me constantly in my Facebook posts, but I am so passionate about what I do and how Healing can help, I can’t help but repeat it.  This mantra is particularly relevant to my clients with life-altering illnesses, as it can bring them so much relief.

💜I know from my own experience how Healing helped me: it came from the inside out.  I had to relax, let go, shed a few tears and from my first session, I felt hopeful that recovery was possible.  (You can read about my experience in the ‘about Jo’ section of my website.) At the time, I knew very little about Healing, but immediately felt a positivity and a determination that it was possible to Heal.

💛Of course, I cannot claim that Healing cures all ills, but I do know it works well alongside all treatments and conditions, and certainly has an extremely positive effect on the mind, body and soul, enabling the person receiving Healing to feel peace, release tension and most of all to relax.  Often, clients have said it kind of ‘kick-starts’ them, this is because Healing can stimulate the body’s own natural Healing ability.

🧡I have given Healing to people with many different conditions: cancer, parkinsons, polymyalgia, cluster headaches, stress and anxiety, to name a few.  Often people are, understandably, sceptical.  (To be honest, it is a sceptic that I like to sit on my Healing stool, because their reaction at the end of the session is so very satisfying!)  Please understand that a Healing session is more than just the therapy itself, it is taking that step towards self-help … talking and being heard is so important.  I do not counsel, but I am a good listener.

Clients with cancer that I have given Healing to, have responded very well.  It has helped with acceptance of their condition, brings peace and hope, and leaves them physically and mentally feeling stronger.  For example, they have not felt sickness/nausea, have not lost their hair due to harsh chemotherapy and look generally ‘well’.  One client, on being asked how he looked so well said he had a ‘secret weapon’ meaning the Healing! This is not to say that everyone will respond in the same way, I am merely trying to give an example of how Healing helps.

💚I have a client who suffers with cluster headaches, debilitating pain that cannot be explained.  His clusters are episodic, once or twice a year for 6-8 weeks at a time, but for some people, they can become chronic, meaning the headaches occur every day.  To get relief, he has to breathe oxygen until the pain subsides, sometimes for up to 20 minutes. In between cluster attacks, you can be affected by what’s known as the ‘grey ghost’ which literally feels like a dark cloud of depression hanging over your head.  It is this that Healing helps with.  My client says that without the Healing, he would find it hard to deal with this side of the condition – Healing lifts his mood and banishes the ‘ghost’, leaving him feeling ‘normal’ and able to go about his normal life.

💗One lovely young lady, Sally, has a condition called CRMO: Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis. Sally has kindly written a ‘guest blog’ on how Healing has helped her.  She has also written at length about her recent rehabilitative stay in hospital to help manage her condition – please find a link to Sally’s blog below, which is a very interesting and moving read:

Here are her thoughts on Healing:

“As someone with a chronic illness; trying out every possible cure/treatment there is to help with the pain, is a very common process. I have tried cutting out certain foods, hemp extract, meditation, acupuncture etc. Some of these have helped me, while others have not. Yet these have benefited thousands of other people, so really it is all down to trial and experimenting for each individual. 
A therapy that I first started having when I was about 13 was healing, thanks to the brilliant Joanne Anderson. I wasn’t really aware of what healing was before Joanne introduced me to it, and, as with everything else I had tried, I was sceptical; however, I was struggling significantly with the stress of school and the pain at that time was really difficult. Therefore, almost every Thursday I would travel to her house and have a healing session.
 It was without a doubt one of the best things I decided to try, and over the next two to three years, I had these healing sessions and during difficult school days, I was so thankful for this. As someone who isn’t religious, spiritual etc. I would 100% tell anyone to give this a give this a go with an open mind no matter who you are, and if it doesn’t benefit you at least you tried.
I would sit down on a stool, and Jo would play a CD, “Eternal” by Miriam Stockley, (a breathtakingly beautiful artist and singer), while a glow from the candles and gorgeous scented incense would fill the room. It is difficult to describe the feeling of calm and relaxation that I would feel – it would remove all the stress and the unbearable inflammatory heat and ache from my body. At least for the rest of the evening I would leave calm and with a few extra spoons to finish that tiring week.  
Joanne is one of the most beautiful people with a kind heart – professional and excellent at her job but most importantly, she cares about her customers; she truly cares about Healing.”
I truly hope this has been of interest and given a better understanding of how Healing can help.  I am blessed and thankful every single day to be able to bring this relaxation and peace of mind to so many people.  If you have any thoughts or any questions at all, I’ll be happy to help.
Jo x