Healing Parties


Healing parties are a brilliant way to introduce people to the Healing experience.  Often people are curious, but afraid to take that step to book an appointment for themselves, maybe they’re sceptical or a bit scared of what it involves (I get this a lot).  But often these are the people that are wowed by the experience and then become complete converts.  At a party, much like at a wellbeing fair, I offer a taster of Healing for £10.00, where I will give a shorter Healing session than normal, but can concentrate on any problem areas if needed.  I am happy to offer a full Healing session for £20.00, if someone wishes.  Normally, a Healing appointment is £35.00, so this is a fantastic way to have your Healing for a really reasonable price!  I find that there’s confidence in numbers, so people are more willing to try something new within a group gathering. Not-to-mention, what better excuse to have a little get-together with friends, neighbours, family!

As the host of the party, you can invite your friends/family, provide some nibbles and drinks and enjoy the socialising whilst you take turns to have Healing.  Also, the host will have their Healing session for free 😍!!

I have many contacts, so you can choose to make the party as busy or quiet as you like – I have friends who read tarot or angel cards,  I can invite people to sell crystals or spiritual gifts.  We can tailor this to your individual needs. If there’s something you specifically want, then please feel free to ask and I will endeavour to meet your needs.  For example, at a recent party, I did Healing and a tarot/angel card reader did a three-card reading (immediate past, present and immediate future) for £10.00.  Obviously, we need your guests to commit and it’s a good idea to book our appointments in advance so that we, the ones offering therapies etc, know how many to expect.
Spiritual Healing is so relaxing, it will benefit you in so many ways, whether you have an illness, stress or anxiety or just want a lovely calming experience.  I do my Healing with the client seated, so that I can move around you easily and you are in control.
If you have any questions, please contact me for further information. Or feel free to call me for a no pressure enquiry/chat.