Positivity and Gratitude – Now Is The Time

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What a strange time we are currently experiencing.  And so, what better time than now to turn our faces to the sun and do some inner work and self-healing.  Many of us are in the position to sit and ponder, to read and meditate, to experience nature in a rare and mindful way, to really examine our mind, body and soul.

We are seeing two sides of human nature at the moment: the ones who are in fear (and this is understandable as we are dealing with the unknown – and I have also had a few wobbles), and the ones who are calm, taking things in their stride; still mindful of what is going on around them and practising caution, but nevertheless shining their light and positivity.

The human race is reaching out in ways we did not before, checking on each other and calling out to strangers on the other side of the street: “take care … be well … enjoy your walk … isn’t it beautiful today?”  Just the other night communities everywhere joined in the Clap for NHS workers and Carers, which was so uplifting and joyous beyond words.

Now is the time to remain as positive as we possibly can and to practice gratitude – believe me, two very powerful tools that we have at our disposal at all times.

Now is the time to calm our minds: take a minute each day to sit in stillness, notice how your body feels, what you are thinking.  Breathe in deeply through your nose and breathe out fully through your mouth.  Breathe in happiness, contentment, love, positivity, gratitude … really feel these emotions as they flow in with your inward breath.  Feel them move into your heart space and fill it with LOVE.  Breathe out negativity, sadness, worry, fear … feel it leave your body.  Shake your body, your arms, your legs a little bit, visualise all this unwanted energy going into the ground, into Mother Earth.  I like to imagine it being washed away in underground streams, through crystal caverns, being transformed into something magical and beautiful.

Do this exercise and you should really feel cleansed.  A minute of doing this will feel so beneficial and chances are you will want to increase it to two minutes, three minutes or more.  Your emotions will feel much QUIETER afterwards.

Think positive thoughts: tell yourself: I HAVE THE POWER TO QUIETEN MY MIND.  You can change your thoughts:  When your mind chatter decides to say something negative or unhelpful, you can change that negative voice within you.  Speak strongly to that voice and tell it to go away, then replace it with a confident voice (if it helps, think in the voice of someone you know who has a self-assured tone) and say loving and wonderful affirmations to yourself: I AM STRONG, I AM BRAVE, I AM HAPPY, I AM HEALTHY, I AM BEAUTIFUL.  Say these with a smile on your face.

Albert Einstein said: “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”  This is good advice, if we surround ourselves with positive people, we will automatically feel uplifted, especially if we can laugh with them.  Of course, in this current climate, we may have to do this over the internet or the phone, but we are lucky in this modern day and age, that we are able to reach out this easily.

Now is the time for Gratitude – a simple yet effective tool.  When you wake in the morning, straight away say ‘thank you’ for something you are grateful for, however small that thing might be.  It could be gratitude for your bed, for the roof over your head, that you woke up healthy, for the cup of tea a loved-one brought you.  Even when we wake feeling sombre, we can change our mood by thinking of something positive and by physically smiling.  The act of smiling releases endorphins, which bring out feelings of happiness and activates receptors in the brain to reduce discomfort.

Keeping a gratitude journal is wonderfully uplifting and helps us to realise how many things in life we are grateful for.  When you write it down ‘I am thankful for ….’, ‘I am grateful for ….’, it literally lifts your heart and you are generating love out into the universe and adhering to the law of attraction.  What you think about, you become.  I promise you that when you begin to write down your gratitude, you will soon find yourself with a VERY long list. 

It is lovely to keep these thoughts of gratitude in a journal that really appeals to you, that you find aesthetically pleasing to look at, that makes you want to pick it up and write in it daily.  In fact, to do this on a daily basis will literally re-wire your brain into a more positive way of thinking.  I have both a notebook for gratitude with plain-lined pages, and also one with little prompts to make you think: name five ordinary things you are thankful for today; what are some of your favourite red things; what small comforts are you grateful for today?  I love this as there are things to feel thankfulness for that you may not otherwise consider.

Gratitude can dissolve negativity – Einstein proved that everything in the Universe is energy and energy vibrates at different frequencies.  Therefore, our thoughts and feelings will determine the vibration of our energy.  By feeling gratitude on a daily basis, we will powerfully attract good things into our lives.

Rhonda Byrne, author of “The Secret Gratitude Book” says: “The sun continually shines, sending out its life energy to us in a never-ending stream.  You experience the effect of the sun when you are facing it, but if you turn away you will no longer receive its life-giving effects”.  I really love this as the words make me feel happy and uplifted and I can feel warmth emanating from them.

Gratitude and positivity can transform your life.  As a Spiritual Healer, I encourage my clients to practice meditation, positivity and gratitude to boost their general wellbeing.

Now is the time to ‘be’.

  • Breathe deeply, in with positivity and light, out with negativity and darkness and all that does not serve you.
  • Stay positive, think happy thoughts.
  • Be grateful, be thankful.

Take care everyone.

💜The power of love and gratitude will dissolve all negativity in our lives, no matter what form it has taken💜…The Secret