Jo your Spiritual Healer - Maidstone Kent

I’m Jo and I run Sunshine Healing

I am an Accredited Healer Practitioner, fully insured and DBS checked. I am also one of the many therapists working with The Harmony Therapy Trust: a charity providing free NHS approved, supportive therapies to those living with cancers and other serious, life altering illnesses.

I have been practicing Spiritual Healing for about seven years now. I first found it when suffering myself from a serious eye condition, due to stress and worry at the time. The condition had not responded to any medical treatment, and the worse it grew the more anxious I became. I wore sunglasses everywhere, even indoors because my eyes were in such discomfort, not to mention unsightly to look at.

Finally, I was recommended to a Spiritual Healer. From the first meeting with Roger, I knew I would get better. I felt hope. He was kind and understanding. It took a few sessions, but with each one I felt calmer, and my eyes looked a little better. For me, the Healing had to come from the inside out. I often cried after a Healing session, but it was all cleansing, dealing with emotions that needed to be released. After my recovery, I had a deep longing to continue with Healing and so worked with Roger (as I still do once a week) to learn all I could, before getting my formal Accreditation.

I absolutely love what I do. To see clients so completely relaxed is the most satisfying feeling, as is the ability to help relieve the stress of what someone is going through.


Please contact me to arrange your spiritual healing in Maidstone, Kent.

Fully Insured

Accredited Healer Practitioner

I love what I do

DBS Checked