Jo your Spiritual Healer - Maidstone Kent

I’m Jo and I run Sunshine Healing

I am an Accredited Healer Practitioner in Spiritual Healing, fully insured and DBS checked.

I have been practicing Spiritual Healing for about nine years now. I first found it when suffering myself from a serious eye condition, due to stress and worry at the time. The condition had not responded to any medical treatment, and the worse it grew the more anxious I became. I wore sunglasses everywhere, even indoors because my eyes were in such discomfort, not to mention unsightly to look at.

Finally, I was recommended to a Spiritual Healer. From the first meeting with Roger, I knew I would get better. I felt hope. He was kind and understanding. It took a few sessions, but with each one I felt calmer, and my eyes looked a little better. For me, the Healing had to come from the inside out. I often cried after a Healing session, but it was all cleansing, dealing with emotions that needed to be released. After my recovery, I had a deep longing to continue with Healing and so worked with Roger (as I still do once a week) to learn all I could, before getting my formal Accreditation.

I absolutely love what I do. To see clients so completely relaxed is the most satisfying feeling, as is the ability to help relieve the stress of what someone is going through.

Since the beginning of Lockdown I have moved my Healing to online sessions, which take place via a Zoom link.  Distance is no barrier to Healing energies, it is just as effective.  We still see each other, hear each other and I am still holding space for you to relax and receive the Healing for your mind, body and soul.  When I am allowed to do Healing in person again, I will announce it, but will still continue with online Healing.  There are so many benefits to this: I can reach you wherever you are in the world and you can receive Healing in the comfort of your own home.

During the Healing I channel Light Language, a beautiful soul dialect to assist the Healing process.


Please contact me to arrange your Distant Healing, which takes place online via a Zoom link.  Please feel free to ask any questions beforehand if you’re unsure about anything.

Obviously this video shows how a Healing session is done in-person which is not currently taking place due to Lockdown regulations.  I will announce when this changes, but will still continue with Distant Healing online into the future.

Fully Insured

Accredited Healer Practitioner

I love what I do

DBS Checked