Jo, your Spiritual & Light Language Healer - Maidstone Kent

Hello, I’m Jo from Sunshine Healing

💜I am a Healer Practitioner in Spiritual Healing and have been Healing for ten years now. I first sought Healing when I had an awful eye condition, caused by stress. Nothing was working for me and the condition worsened. I lived with this for a few months before being recommended to a Healer. From the first time I sat for Healing, I knew I would get better. The relief I felt and the relaxation from the Healing energy was wonderful. It did take a few sessions, and quite a few cleansing tears, but finally my eyes were clear. I then felt pulled more and more towards Healing and found I could not just walk away from it, so I worked with my Healing friend, then took my Accreditation and finally set up my business, Sunshine Healing.
🤍About three years ago, I began speaking Light Language, a beautiful soul language, channelled from my Higher Self. I use this beautiful heart language in my Healing as it reaches you on a deeper level. It is a gift of remembrance of who I am and I am so grateful to be able to share this with you.
💗 I have been Healing online successfully for the past year and a half – although the concept may seem strange to many, you have to remember that EVERYTHING is energy and wherever you are in the world, I can connect with you and you will still feel the Healing benefits – Distance is absolutely NO barrier for Healing energies – it’s a wonderful thing! I hold space with you and the Healing will reach you on both a physical and soul level.  It is incredible that I can connect with so many beautiful souls all over the world, across all time and space. How beautiful is that? And how lucky am I?
💚I have just started to accept Healing appointments in person again (with certain precautions in place)  – Healing usually takes place on the therapy couch, or if you prefer, we can conduct your Healing seated – both are just as relaxing and effective as the other.
💛I absolutely love what I do. To see clients so completely relaxed is the most satisfying feeling, as is the ability to help relieve the stress of any illness or condition that someone is going through.  I have worked with many clients with life-altering illnesses, and the Healing really does help them to cope and will often alleviate symptoms, especially from the harsh effects of chemotherapy.
💙Sending so much Healing Love and Gratitude as always x



Fully Insured

Accredited Healer Practitioner

I love what I do

DBS Checked